REM Unhide by Dale Swanson December 31st 2005 REM This file will aide user in unhiding Microsoft's Really Hidden Files echo Your version of Windows is: ver set fun1="%userprofile%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\content.ie5\" set fun2="%userprofile%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\" set fun3="%userprofile%\Local Settings\History\" set fun4="%userprofile%\cookies\" set fun5="%userprofile%\Local Settings" set fun6="%userprofile%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\content.ie5\index.dat" set fun7="%userprofile%\Local Settings\History\history.ie5\index.dat" set fun8="%userprofile%\cookies\index.dat" md unhidefiles > unhidefiles/index1.txt echo. > unhidefiles/index2.txt echo. > unhidefiles/index3.txt echo. > unhidefiles/copy.bat echo @echo off rem >> unhidefiles/copy.bat echo cd unhidefiles >> unhidefiles/copy.bat echo dir >> unhidefiles/copy.bat echo xcopy %fun6% index1.txt /E /C /I /F /H /R /Y >> unhidefiles/copy.bat echo xcopy %fun7% index2.txt /E /C /I /F /H /R /Y >> unhidefiles/copy.bat echo xcopy %fun8% index3.txt /E /C /I /F /H /R /Y > unhidefiles/fun.html echo ^ ^ ^Make Files Unhidden^ ^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo ^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo Unhide by ^Dale Swanson^ December 31st 2005^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo ^ ^ Instructions ^ ^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo Click the first link, it may give you the normal download dialog. Just click the open button >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo , this should open a file called desktop.ini in Notepad. That file should look something like this:^^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo [.ShellClassInfo]^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo UICLSID={7BD29E00-76C1-11CF-9DD0-00A0C9034933}^^^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo All you have to do is delete the second (and any other) line(s) so that it is just:^^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo [.ShellClassInfo]^^^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo Then save and close Notepad. Do the same thing for the second and third links, and that's it! >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo After this there is a link to the location of the hidden files you've just revealed.^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo ^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo This is the first file^.^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo ^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo This is the second file^.^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo ^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo This is the third file^.^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo ^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo This is the location of the hidden files^.^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo ^ ^ Explanation ^ ^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo In the folder Content.IE5 you should have about 8 folders with names like BO4QGSSI. >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo In these folders should be every site you've ever gone to. >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo The pics, video, and anything else is all saved as well. Also there are index.dat files that contain the url's^^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo Microsoft uses the desktop.ini to make these folder super hidden. >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo If you delete the desktop.ini Windows will autocreate it the next time you reboot, >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo but if you just edit out the part that makes it work Windows will be tricked >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo into thinking everything is OK. Even if you turn on show hidden files these stay hidden. >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo If you clear out your internet cache these files stay. This is both a security risk and a waste of >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo harddrive space. The only ways to get rid of them are to format, or hack Windows (what this does).^^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo Note that this only keeps track of the sites you vist with Microsoft's Internet Explorer. >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo ^There are much better >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo browsers that are free and don't do this^.^^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo Why this is done is something of a debate. Some seem to think Microsoft sells what you look at to advertisers, >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo some think it's there to aid law enforcement, >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo while some just think it's a mistake Microsoft made (might I add it has been around for almost 10 years now, >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo required extra work to do, and Microsoft denies it's there).^^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo You can do a search for ^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo Microsoft's really hidden files^ or ^visit my site^ to read more if you like.^^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo You can delete everything in the folder %fun2%, you don't need any of it. And it is probably taking up a lot of space. >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo But there are three files called index.dat that Windows opens as soon as you log in, and keeps open. Since they're open they can't be deleted. >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo These files can grow to be pretty big, and keep a list of all the sites you've gone to. >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo Your three index.dat's are located at:^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo %userprofile%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\content.ie5\index.dat^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo %userprofile%\Local Settings\History\history.ie5\index.dat^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo %userprofile%\cookies\index.dat^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo After you have unhidden the folders you can copy the index.dat's here to look at them.^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo ^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo Copy files so that you can see them with the bellow links^:^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo ^Temporary Internet Files Index.dat^^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo ^History Index.dat^^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo ^Cookies Index.dat^^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo They may have a lot of jibberish in there, but if you look around you will notice web sites. The thing about these are it's pretty hard to delete them. One way would be to make a new user, then log into that user and delete your main user's files. The other way would be to do it through DOS or a bootable live Linux CD. >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo ^^The location of the two desktop.ini files you edit are:^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo %userprofile%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\desktop.ini^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo %userprofile%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\desktop.ini^^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo The folder with the crazy named folders is:^ >>unhidefiles/fun.html echo %userprofile%\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\^ START "Fun" unhidefiles/fun.html cd unhidefiles copy.bat