About this site

This site is something I threw together because I was bored and I lost the password to my old site. This site was hosted on Web1000.com, they were pretty sweet. Then I hosted it off my home cable connection, which worked pretty well, but at the time at least I didn't have any domain name, so it was IP only. Then back to Web1000, but they were bought and now suck, started putting in ads and redirects, so I lucked out and got this sweet deal on Dreamhost for 10 bucks which is where it was for a year. Then my cheap year ran out and I kept the domain (since it was still only like 10 a year), but canceled the hosting (they want over $100 for what I was getting for $10 before, they are great hosting, but overkill for me). So then the site was down for a while, until it's current glorious return. I got a lifetime of hosting at Top Hosting Center for about $100. After about 4 years, what I expected from the start happened. THC was sold to another company, who didn't honor the lifetime hosting. I was almost happy about this as it gave me an excuse to move to Nearly Free Speech, something I've wanted to do for a while.

This entire site was written from scratch in Notepad++. I like it a lot, it has tons of features, look at the screenshot and the site for details.

About me

If you're here then you probably already know me. If not then let me tell you my name is Jose Lopez and I'm a seven year old Mexican boy.

If you need to contact me, I use Hotmail, my email is This is a PNG that shows my email.  It's crazy steve and a 3 digit number, which is from a Misfits song called We Are... No spaces.