Game Mods

From time to time I like to mod certain games. My mods are usually unprofessional, partly because I'm not a professional, and partly because I'm lazy. My interest in gaming tend to be pretty odd so it's likely you'll either love or hate (most likely hate) the stuff I make.

Unreal Tournament Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge Civilization 4

Unreal Tournament Maps

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Here are some shitty maps I made for Unreal Tournament.

Capture the Flag Unreal Tournament Map

Capture the Flag - First Map I made, similar to Lava Giant.

Lava Arena Unreal Tournament Map

Lava Arena - Pretty small simple CTF map.

Death Arena Unreal Tournament Map

Death Arena - Very basic killing arena.

Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge

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Soviet Strike RA2:YR Mod

This is a new allied campaign I made for RA2:YR. Full seven eight single player missions with custom loading screens and all. It's fairly well done, probably the least terrible mod I've made. I call it Soviet Strike for no reason. It's just the story of plain RA2 but with YR units added. The read me is in the zip so you can read that if you want more info. Updated to eight missions now.

Soviet Strike - Soviet Strike by Dale Swanson.

Civilization 4

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Rise of Rome Civilization 4 Mod

I made a scenario for Civ 4. It's just the Greek World scenario that came with the original, heavily modded. I think it's pretty playable. It's more focused on Rome, and thus I named it Rise of Rome, this was before I found out they named another scenario that for Warlords. Since mine is for Civ 4 vanilla it still works with the name. When I say I heavily modded the scenario I mean I didn't change the map much, but I greatly edited the civs, as well as got rid of all the scripted stuff. There is a surprise built into the map, so if you don't want it to be spoiled don't look at it in worldbuilder (it's basically the same as the original anyway). I actually play this map pretty often, I find it to be pretty fun. When I run it on auto play Egypt almost always wins, but in my games Egypt usually isn't even in 2nd place (Me as Rome in 1st, with Greece or Persia in 2nd). I've balanced it to be played as Rome although I think playing as Persia or Greece would be pretty good too. To actually play it I think you will need to unzip it into your mod folder, then start the game and look for the scenario, if you can't find it, look for the mod, then once the mod is loaded try to find the scenario.

Rise of Rome - Rise of Rome by Dale Swanson.