Stuff I Wrote

Here is some stuff that I wrote. As I now have a blog I often post my drunken ramblings there now.


Stuff I Wrote for or while in school.

Byronic Hero - A paper I wrote explaining what a Byronic hero is.

English Final - My term paper thing for my senior English class.

Power Essay - Some stupid essay I wrote about power.


Stuff I Wrote about how to do stuff.

QBASIC - A little guide on how to program in QBASIC.

Microsoft's Really Hidden Files - Info about how Microsoft records every site you visit.

Picking A Masterlock - How to find the combo to Masterlocks.

Number Systems - The exciting world of number systems.

How To Mod An Xbox - Softmodding an Xbox (For Free).


Stuff I Wrote to explain things.

Accelerating Returns - Concept of the human race advancing at an exponential rate.

Propaganda - Why you should be using the things I use.

The Florida Plan - Being a bum in Florida.

Everclear - Why Everclear is so great.