Things I Made

Lately I've been making a number of web toys and tools. Mainly these are ways for me to learn javascript and other stuff.

I'm Feeling Lucky Link Generator - Makes links for I'm Feeling Lucky searches.

Highpoint Map - Map of state highpoints.

Relativistic Acceleration - Calculate speed and distance from acceleration.

Wawa Locations - Map of Wawas.

Screen Size Calculator - Find height and width of a screen from diagonal size.

Password Strength Checker - Estimates the time to crack different passwords.

Color of Time - Converts time into RGB color value. Explanation here.

Cryptographic Hash Generators - Generates cryptographic hashes in real time (MD5, SHA-1, SHA-512, RMD-160). Explanation here.

Odds of Risk - Calculates the odds of winning a battle in the game Risk. Explanation here.

Color Picker - A basic foreground/background color picker.

Mailinator Generator - Generator random usernames to be used with mailinator. Explanation here.

Reddit Search - Makes searching Reddit a bit easier.

Truth Table - Generates truth tables

The following aren't javascript, but perl scripts that generate a webpage everyday and upload it here.

Flash Price - Finds cheapest $/GB price for flash on Newegg. Explanation here.

Geohash - Shows the current geohash locations for the eastern US. Explanation here.