Wikipedia - An open source encyclopedia, more info, but less accurate.

CIA World Factbook - Tons of up to date information on any country.

CIA Chiefs Of State Listing - An up to date listing of Chiefs of State for any country.

About - Has good articles on just about every aspect of life.

Bartleby - An online reference center.

Infoplease - Source of various info.

TOTSE - Information on ALL topics, even the not exactly legal.

How Stuff Works - Explains how comman things work.

Google - Probably the best online information resource.


Slashdot - News for nerds, stuff the matters.

Tom's Hardware Guide - Very good site with reviews and comparisons on lots of computer hardware.

AnandTech - Another good site for reviews, about hardware.

ARS - Computer news and info.

Box - Lots of information on computers and technology in general.

The SciTech Journal - A blog that covers a varity of interesting topics.


Google News - Part of my relying on Google for everything plan.

BBC - BBC News.


Firstgov - The offical government web gateway.

Census - Stats about the population.

Fedstats - Stats about the government.

National Archives - Archives of all important documents.

Constitution - A plain text version of The Constitution.


MSN Autos - Stats on any car from 1988 to present.

Wayback Machine - Archive of just about every site on the internet from 1996 to present.

Depleted Cranium - Sort of like Mythbusters but for science related issues.


Highpointers of Odin - Bringing great glory to Odin.

Dale Swanson - Blog where I post random links and thoughts.

CVP - The CVP site.

I love squirrels - My old site.

End - Other section of my old site.

Maddox - My idol.

MIT guide to lockpicking - Sweet guide to picking locks, it's how I learned.

Misfits - Good Misfits site.