Some Essay About Power

Dale Swanson

Power Essay

This essay is about how power will lead to abuse of said power. I think its pretty obvious that this is the case, all you need to do is to look at just about any dictatorship throughout history to see that when you give somebody total control of other people he is going do what is best for him not for them. Just look at communism, they say it's a good idea in theory and it is. However, in practice, it proves to have the fatal flaw of giving people power and wealth and they go nutty once they have it.

Somebody once said power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, even though I don't know who said that or if it's even close to the way that it was said, I know that it's true. The reason that it is true is that people are essentially just smart animals, we always are going do what is best for us personally. We care about what is best for us because we are the ones that can feel what is happening to us, it only makes sense that we would want the best feeling and enjoyment possible for us.

Also caring only about us simplifies things greatly. If we care about ourselves then everybody has somebody caring about them. Otherwise, if we cared about others it would get very confusing, just look at this example. I care about you, you care about Bob, Bob forgets he supposed to be caring about Jim, and cares about Dale instead, now Chris is confused because he was supposed to be caring about Dale, but Bob is instead, and he sees Jim over there not getting cared about by any one, but at the same time he knows it's Bobs job to care about him, so does he care about Jim to cover Bobs ass incase a supervisor sees this and risk getting himself in trouble or does he care about Dale like he supposed to and give him a double does of caring. See that was confusing wasn't it, that's why it's a good thing we only care about ourselves. Just imagine if you had to fully understand and solve that problem I just presented, that would suck.

So in closing I would like to say that power corrupts but for good reasons and if we tried to change it, things would get all kinds of confusing.


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