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06-01-2003 Site Created.
06-12-2003 Added Kittens Page.
08-07-2003 Added Stuff I Wrote section, and a wicked sweet new program.
11-19-2003 Added Tutorials section, it's fun writing stuff no one will ever see.
11-21-2003 Added Information section.
02-12-2004 Added my first C++ program, source.
09-10-2004 Worked on site, changed front layout, added some crap.
01-01-2005 Added Iwakuni Page.
11-03-2005 Site now hosted at Dreamhost, minor updates.
04-24-2006 Added some stuff, linked to some stuff that was hidding.
11-03-2006 Year of cheap Dreamhosting over, site down.
01-05-2007 Despite site not being available anywhere, added stuff.
01-06-2007 Clean up, spell checking, moved some stuff around.
06-24-2007 Switched to CSS, made a logo.
07-01-2007 Added Pics I made, and menu.
10-07-2007 Well it's finally here kids, the much anticipated sequel to pirate, source.
11-08-2007 Added pics to some of the pages, added Game Mods page, general updates.
11-22-2007 Site now hosted at Top Hosting Center.
12-11-2007 Added backpacking section.
12-20-2008 Just in time for the holidays, added Wall Street Kid.
06-30-2009 Started a blog, now you can see how I waste my time.
07-09-2009 Added How to mod an Xbox.
07-21-2009 Added Things I Made section with stuff I've made.
04-12-2011 New color scheme. Truly a brave new world.
01-10-2012 Site now hosted at Nearly Free Speech.